Sputnik turquoise


The residual wine container for wine tastings and wine sommeliers. Made of high-quality glass on the inside, turquoise lacquer on the outside.

TIP: Sophienwald SPUTNIK's are available in the colours red, white opal, black or turquoise.

  • mouth-blown guaranteed, finest glass of highest quality
  • slight and elegant, thin and elastic
  • dishwasher-proof*

Height: 175 mm
Volume: 750 ml
Colour: turquoise

* Care instructions: To ensure that you can enjoy your Sophienwald glasses for a long time, always use a "gentle" washing programme (fine programme) with a maximum water temperature of 50ºC when washing in the dishwasher. Also make sure that you use an economical dosage of liquid detergent. Always place the glasses in the basket with the opening facing downwards and avoid cleaning them together with very dirty dishes.

CHF 49.90

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